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  • Tuesday, March 07, 2017

New in the Pub

Our selection of single malt and bourbon is constantly growing and changing.   New in the Pub is Smuggler's Notch Maple Bourbon.    Destined to become a new favorite Vermont distilled spirit, this bourbon is not a sweet maple bourbon, but rather a light maple flavor in the background.   Now that maple sugaring season is here, give it a try and see what Vermont can do with maple sap.

Another recent addition is from our favorite distillery, Buffalo Trace.  The Single Oak Project was quite an undertaking in bourbon making, an experimental project that will not be repeated again - although it made some pretty good bourbon.   We have 3 bottles from 3 different  barrels.   It is rare and hard to find - but we have it.   The story of how it was made is extremely interesting, and you can read about it on the Single Oak Project website.

Another favorite distillery of ours, located in the bourbon capital of Kentucky (Bardstown), is Willett Distillery.  We've got our hands on a couple of bottles of Noah's Creek, usually only found down south.   This little distillery produces great products, and the distillery states that Noah's Creek is "surprisingly elegant at 114.3 Proof, which is perhaps odd to say about a whiskey at near-barrel strength, but it drinks more like a 100 Proof Bourbon Whiskey. You get the rye showing its face on the front end with a nice creaminess and subtlety on the back end"  

Now, another great Vermont product, from Mad River Distiller's, is Revolution Rye.    Mad River Distiller's have come a long way since their first bottlings, actually a very long way.   This is a really good Rye Whiskey produced in Vermont.   Try it, you'll like it.