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Our semi-yearly trip to Vermont

We’ve stayed at the North Shire Lodge many times now, sometimes just my husband and I, and others with our kids or a big group of friends. Every time we stay, it’s a wonderful experience. Tim and Kerry are such great hosts, the room is clean and comfortable, the pub is cozy and wonderful, and the breakfast is always so good. It’s such a great location, but actually we just love to stay right there at the Lodge, having a drink in the pub, taking a movie from their huge collection, and hanging out in our room. In good weather, it’s wonderful to open up the back doors of each room, sit outside, and enjoy the amazing view of the mountains with a group of friends. Highly recommend!


Booking.Yeah? Whatever. Here’s What You Didn’t Know.

Most people don’t know that when you book with the big travel sites you see on television, that a good portion of your travel dollars are going to support multibillion dollar international corporations – in the form of commissions that lodging properties must pay to these sites.    That’s right, 15 – 20% of your travel dollars spent on lodging helps these big companies.   To make up this huge expense, hotels raise their rates – to everyone.   So why do hotels participate on these sites?   It’s good advertising – but at a high cost.   The hope is guests will learn about the hotel from those sites but book directly with them through their own web site.  Unfortunately, often that does not happen.   So hotel rates continue to rise, and those big multibillion dollar corporations continue to extract even more of your travel dollars away from you and your hotel.

Did you know that Trivago is owned by Expedia?  Expedia also owns,,, Travelocity, Orbitz and   Kayak,, and Agoda are owned by The Priceline Group.   By 2020, Expedia and The Priceline Group will control an estimated 94% of the online booking market.      Suddenly, there’s not quite so much choice anymore.   Who do you think pays for all that television advertising anyway?  You and your hotel does.

None of these sites actually controls pricing – each lodging property sets their own rates.   What some sites do, however is only allow you to book your room for 2 guests, never mind that you put in 4 guests when you searched for your room.   Read the fine print, you may have only booked for 2 guests anyway and may incur extra charges.   That’s one way they make the room rates seem less.

Everyone agrees that buying local is a good thing – but that doesn’t just mean arts & crafts or the produce your restaurant buys from the local farmer.    It includes how you reserve your hotel rooms too – keeping those travel dollars local to support the small business person, who then uses those dollars locally to enhance your future visits.   It’s a win-win situation for both the guest and the innkeeper!   Plus, here at the North Shire Lodge we often have specials that you can only find right here on our web site.   How cool is that?

Cozy and private!

Just a few miles from Manchester town center. It is very easy to drive to and each room has an individual parking space right in front of it. I loved that each room felt like it’s own building. The rooms are spacious and each one is decorated differently. It was clean and we had all the amenities we needed. We had our own sliding door to the back lawn of the property and I’m sure it gets plenty of use in the summer. There really wasn’t much noise and we barely even knew other people were staying at the lodge until we saw them at breakfast. The pub and breakfast area are intimate and decorated with a variety of antiques. The breakfast portions are huge and they were able to make modifications to make our breakfast vegetarian. Would definitely come back and spend more than one night next time!



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